Take two…

Once again…LMAO


Much better. Sybil Danning, btw.
An explanation is needed at this point.
Elsewhere on WordPress, there’s a blog I created called “Nudity in America”. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I can’t get to that one.
So, what you see here is a new edition of that. Just so you all know…LMAO
(Trying to put photos on here is a motherfucker.)


There. Think I got it now…lol
Anyway, this is the new home. Hope you all enjoy it. Meanwhile, one to leave you with:



And that’s it. Thanks.


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Basically, my fandom goes back to the Senators of the '60s. (Yes, I'm THAT old...lol) So truth is, now that we have baseball BACK in Washington...somebody's gotta write about it from a fan's perspective. Why NOT me?

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